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[[Civic Heraldry Literature - Belgium|Literature]] :  
[[Civic Heraldry Literature - Belgium|Literature]] :  
[[File:belgium.jpg|50 px|link=Belgium]][[Category:Belgian Municipal Arms B|Bullingen]]
[[Category:Belgian Municipal Arms B|Bullingen]]
[[Category:Granted 1993|Bullingen]]
[[Category:Granted 1993|Bullingen]]

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Province : Liège
Additions : 1977 Manderfeld, Rocherath

Wapen van Büllingen

Official blazon

Gespalten von Silber und Rot durch eine neunmal von Silber und Blau geteilte eingebogene Spitze, darin ein gold bewehrter, gold gekronter, gold gezungter roter zweischwänziger Lowe; vorne ein rotes durchgehendes kreuz, hinten ein silberner Balken.


The arms were officially granted on April 7, 1993

The arms combine the arms of three territories to which the area historically belonged. The cross is taken from the arms of the State of Trier, to which the village of Schönberg historically belonged. In the early medieval times the whole region belonged to the COunts (Dukes) of Luxembourg, hence the arms of Luxembourg in the point. Their successors were the Counts of Nassau(-Vianden) and the arms of Vianden are shown in the left part (silver bar).

Wapen van/Blason de Büllingen

The arms on a police badge (source)

Literature :

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