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Civic heraldry of the United Kingdom


Incorporated into : 1965 Bromley

Official blazon

Arms: Vert two Bars wavy Argent between as many Chestnut Trees in full blossom and eradicated proper in chief and a Horse forcene of the second in base.
Crest: On a Wreath of the Colours a semi Lion guardant Or supprting a Pastoral Staff Argent enfiled with a Mitre proper.
Supporters: On the dexter side a Gentleman and on the sinister side a Lady both in the costume of the early sixteenth century.
Motto: 'NON NOBIS SOLUM' - Not for ourselves alone.


The arms were officially granted on December 17, 1931, supporters on September 9, 1935.

The green background, suggest the Beckenham of old, a township in a rural setting and modern Beckenham, with its parks and open spaces, to which the trees also refer. The wavy line represents the River Beck, echoing the name of the town, and the horse is from the arms of the County Council.

The lion is derived from the heraldry of the Cator family, owners of large estates for many generations. The staff and mitre stand for Bishop Odo, of Bayeux, who received the land and manors of Beckenham from his half-brother, William the Conqueror.

The supporters recall Tudor days, when at Wickham Court, we are told Henry VIII wooed and won Anne Boleyn.

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