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Personal arms


Individual/family : Family
Country of origin : Sweden
Place of origin : Östrgötland
Granted : No
Granted/officially recorded by : -

Coat of Arms of Jaeger and Mathies.png

Official English blazon

Quarterly 1st and 4th, 10 or more lozenges of azure and gold. 2nd a horizontal triband of gules (top and bottom) and silver. 3rd plain azure with a gules bordure. center atop is a shield half the size flipped right to left, 1st atop the triband is a golden stump, 3rd atop the lozenges is a silver gryphon, 4th inside the bordure stands a silver swan with a golden snake in its beak.

Other language blazon

Swedish: Sköld: kvadrerad 1 och 4 täckta i rutmönster i guld och blått. 2 är tre band alla av samma storlek, den mellersta i silver och de yttre i rött. 3 täckt i blå med en gräns i rött. I mitten ligger in sköld lik den första hälften så stor och vänd från höger till vänster, 1 ovanpå de tre banden står en stubbe i guld, 3 en grip i silver står ovanpå rutmönstret, 4 en knölsvan i silver står ovanpå den blå skölden med röd gräns med en orm av guld i näbben.



The lozenges similar to those on the flag of Bavaria symbolize the family's german heritage, and the colors symbolize Sweden. The triband, similar to the austrian flag come from the coat of arms of Wallendorf (Eifel). The plain blue quarter symbolizes hopes of a calm future. The gryphon and swan both symbolize Östergötland from where part of the family has its roots, the snake symbolizes death and disease. The stump symbolizes the many family members who have had their lives cut short due to disease.

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