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Italy - Repubblica Italiana

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The National Arms of Italy The National Flag Location

Administrative division

Italy is subdivided into 20 regions (regioni, singular regione), five of these regions having a special autonomous status that enables them to enact legislation on some of their local matters. The country is further divided into 110 provinces (province) and 8,100 municipalities (comuni).

Not all regions use arms, some use a logo. All provinces, except one, use arms and the large majority of the municipalities use arms.

Coats of arms of municipalities

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Municipalities in South Tyrolia are listed both by their Italian and German names.

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Other territories, regions or communities

Former regions:


Colonial Heraldry

Religious and Ecclesial heraldry

Heraldic collector's items

  • Heraldic collector's albums:
    • Brioschi - Stemmi delle città d'Italia