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Kaffe Hag : Norske by- og adels våben


Album information :

  • Issued by : Kaffe Hag, Oslo, Norway
  • Date of issue : 1933 (?)
  • Number of stamps/cards : 81
  • Image variants : None


For information on the company, see the overview of Coffee Hag albums.


The book was issued by Kaffe Hag Aktieskelskap in Oslo in 1933.
The author is Hallvard Trætteberg.

Hallvard Trætteberg (1898-1987) was within the State Archives responsible for heraldry issues for several decades. He wrote numerous articles on heraldry, both personal as non-personal (civic and religious) heraldry in Norway.

Arms of Kaffe Hag Norge

The album is unique among the Scandinavian series, as it also contains the arms of Norwegian noble families, both historical and contemporary. It also contains a larger introduction to heraldry as compared to the other two albums. Like the Danish album it also contains a section on the production of coffee.

The stamps were issued in 8 sheets of 18 stamps each, with an additional 3 stamps with advertising on the last sheet:

The album has been issued with two different front pages:

Arms of Kaffe Hag Norge
Arms of Kaffe Hag Norge

Unlike some other albums, there is no text on the back of the stamps.


For all images see here

Personal arms :
Adeler, Bagge, Benkestok, Biskop-ætten, Bjelke, Bjørn Torleivssons slekt, Bolt, Engelbrekt Stefansson, Galle, Geble Pedersson, Gjæsling, Gyldenhorn, Handingmand, Holberg, Hummer, Kane, Kalips, Kruckow, Losna-ætten (eldre), Losna-ætten (yngre), Nils Hinriksson, Norbagge, Norman de la Navité, Olav Engelbrektsson, Orm, Paus, Rustung, Rytter, Rømer (eldre), Rømer (yngre), Sigvat på Leirhol, Sinclair (eldre), Skak, Skaktavl, Smør, Staur, Sudreims-ætt hovevåbnet, Sudreims-ætt Sigurd Havtorssons våben, Sudreims-ætt (yngre), Tordenskjold

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