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Region : Puglia
Province : Lecce

Stemma di Lecce

Official blazon

D’argento alla lupa passante di nero, attraversante il fusto di un albero di leccio di verde, sradicato e ghiandifero d’oro.


The arms were officially granted on April 20, 1942.

The she-wolf and the oak are the symbolic elements that have given the name to the city: lecce is, in fact, a glottological derivation on the one side from the ancient name of the city, Lupiae, on the other side from the term ilex that means "holm oak".
Legend has it that the Messapic city of Sybar existed already before the war of Troy. After the conquest of Rome in III the century b.C., Sybar latinized its name in Lupiae.

Stemma di Lecce

The arms in the Brioschi albums 1930s
Stemma di Lecce

The arms on a Fassi trade card
Stemma di Lecce

The arms in the Abadie albums

Literature : Image from http://www.araldicacivica.it

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