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Brasão de {{PAGENAME}, arms  of Lisbon}

Official blazon

Escudo de ouro, com um barco exteriormente de negro realçado de prata e interiormente de prata realçado de negro, mastreado e encordoado de negro, com uma vela ferrada de cinco bolsas de prata. A popa e a proa rematadas por dois corvos de negro, afrontados. Leme de negro realçado de prata. O barco assente num mar de sete faixas ondadas, quatro de verde e três de prata. Coroa mural de ouro de cinco torres. Colar da Ordem Torre e Espada. Listel branco com os dizeres " MUI NOBRE E SEMPRE LEAL CIDADE DE LISBOA ", de negro.


The arms were officially granted on February 28, 1940.

The arms symbolise the miraculous sea travels of Lisbon's patron saint, St. Vincent (São Vicente). In the 8th century ravens rescued his relics from a sinking ship. 350 Years later, the ravens followed the ship which brought his relics to Lisbon, escorted the procession to the Cathedral and stayed in Lisbon to this very day, to prevent the indfidels from ever coming back. In Lisbon's castle, in memory thereof a pair of ravens is kept in a voliere and cared for by the city.

Arms of Lisboa

The arms in 1860
Arms of Lisboa

The arms on a stamp +/- 1910
Arms of Lisboa

The arms on a German trade card +/- 1910
Arms of Lisboa

The arms on a matchbox label
Arms of Lisboa

The arms on a UK cigarette card
Arms of Lisboa

The arms on a stamp

Freguesias in Lisboa :

Literature : image send by Sergio Horta; info provided by "Gregor Kollmorgen"


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