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Province: Northern Cape (until 1994 Cape Province)
District Municipality : Namakwa

Arms of Nama Khoi

Official blazon


  • WAPEN: In silwer, uitkomend uit die onderste skildrand 'n kokerboom tussen regs 'n boog en gevulde koker van natuurlike kleur, en links 'n gefasetteerde blou diamant, in die skildhoof 'n Namakwalandse Madeliefie van natuurlike kleur. Die skild is oortop met 'n tradisione le Nama Khoi-hut Agter die skild twee herderstawwe van natuurlike kleur.
  • WAPENSPREUK: ! Gai uiba Sisenba


  • ARMS: Argent, in base issuant from the lower shield edge a quiver tree between dexter a bow and filled quiver proper, and sinister a faceted diamond Azure, in chief a Namaqualand Daisy proper. The shield is ensigned of a traditional indigenous Nama Khoi hut. Behind the shield two shepherds crooks in saltire proper.
  • Motto: ! Gai uiba Sisenba


The arms were officially granted on April 4, 2006.

We have no information on the meaning or origin of these arms. If you have any information on these arms Khoi mail us !

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