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Region : Catalonia
Province : Barcelona

Escudo de Roda de Ter

Official blazon

Escut caironat: d'atzur, un pont de 3 ulls d'or movent de la punta, somat de 2 esglésies d'argent, una a cada extrem, i sobremuntat d'una roda de molí d'aigua d'argent. Per timbre una corona mural de vila.


These arms have been officially granted on 4th August 1986.

The arms show the traditional Pont Vell (or Old Bridge) over the river Ter, with the two churches situated at each end, Santa Maria del Cap de Pont and Santa Maria del Sòl del Pont. The waterwheel is a canting element: a wheel is named "roda" in Catalan. These arms have been officially granted on 4th August 1986.

Escudo de Roda de Ter

The arms on an heraldic cover (1990s)

Literature : Image taken from; background by Enric Fontvila

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