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Civic heraldry of Iceland


Additions : 1999 Fljótahreppur, Hofshreppur, Hólahreppur, Lýtingsstaðahreppur, Viðvíkurhreppur, Rípurhreppur, Sauðárkróksbær, Skefilsstaðahreppur, Skarðshreppur, Staðarhreppur, Seyluhreppur

Arms of Skagafjörður

Official blazon

Byggðarmerki Sveitarfélagsins Skagafjarðar skal vera blár skjöldur (Pantone 287) með hvítu merki. Merkið er blár skjöldur með hvítum táknum, eða í stað hvíts "málmur" silfur. Táknin eru lóðrétt til vinstri, efri hluti sverðs og til hægri húnn biskupsstafs,bagals.


The arms were officially registered on November 15, 1999.

The cross and crosier symbolise that the ancient bishopric of Hólar in Hjaltadal is situated in the new municipality. The bishopric was founded in 1106 and lasted until the Reformation. It was the centre of learning and education of the whole of Northern Iceland in this period. The official page of Skagafjörður states that the sword symbolises secular power while the bishop's staff is a symbols of spiritual power. The blue symbolises the sea.

Literature : Image obtained from the Icelandic Patent Office, which registers the civic arms in the country.
Information obtained from official site of Skagafjörður containing information on the municipality's arms.

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