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The National Arms of Spain The National Flag

Administrative division

Spain is divided in 52 provinces. Besides these provinces some areas have further autonomy, these are the autonomous regions. Not all provinces bear no arms; they use the arms of their capitals. In some provinces smaller areas have separate arms, these are cuadrillas or, as in the Canary Islands, individual islands.

The provinces are further subdivided in districts (Comarcas) and just over 8000 municipalities. Sometimes the municipalities are combined into larger associations, Mancomunidades. Most municipalities, but very few comarcas and mancomunidades use arms. In many provinces also smaller villages or boroughs use arms (Entitad Local Menor or Barrio).


Arms of Municipalities and Villages

Municipalities in Catalonia, Galicia and País Vasco are listed by the name in the language as used officially as primary language by the municipality.

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  • Arms of Canary Islands
  • Colonial arms (not mentioned at the present countries)

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