Villes Décorées de France (Beriot)

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Villes Décorées de France (C. Beriot)


Series information :

  • Issued by : C. Beriot chicory coffee
  • Date of issue : <1914
  • Number of stamps/cards : ?
  • Image variants : Not known

This is a series of trade cards issued in France, showing the coat of arms of cities that were decorated during the wars in the 19th century. The reverse of (most of) the cards describes for what battle/siege the decorations were awarded. The latest war mentioned is the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71. This dates the cards prior to the First World War.



I have no further information on the company itself. The company also used postcards with the same design.

The company also participated in another series, see Armes des Villes de France (Beriot).

Cards with a similar design were issued by:


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