Wappen-Sammlung (Weller)

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Album information :

  • Issued by : A. Weller's Verlag, Kahla in Thüringen, Germany
  • Date of issue : 1900-1920 (?)
  • Number of stamps/cards : ? over 5000
  • Image variants : several prints, so several slight differences


This is a huge collection of stamps with the arms of countries and families, issued around 1900-1920. The total number is not known, the largest collection I have seen on offer had 3800 stamps. The stamps were issued in sheets, which were numbered, but the stamps itself were not numbered.

I have no idea how these stamps could be collected.

The sheets were not always properly perforated, resulting in a number of different formats for the stamps. The actual format should be 4x5.5 cm, but can differ up to 1 cm in width.

The stamps could be glued on pages, which were then kept in boxes, see image above. I have no idea whether an index was issued.

An example of a sheet :


An example of variations:


Series and stamps issued

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