Armes des Villes de France (Lervilles)

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Armes des Villes de France (Joseph Lervilles)


Series information :

  • Issued by : Joseph Lervilles, chichory coffee and coffee flavours
  • Date of issue : 1920s
  • Number of stamps/cards : 84
  • Image variants : Not known


This is a large series of trade cards issued in France, showing the coat of arms of cities, with a small city view. The cards were issued as blancs and could be printed by different companies and used as trade cards. In this case the front of the cards is not printed with the company, only the reverse gives information. All cards have the same text on the reverse.

I have no further information on the company itself, except that is was located in Cambrai, France.


For all known images see here.

An example:


Cards with a similar design were issued by: