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Belarus - Рэспубліка Беларусь - Республика Беларусь

Belarus.gif Belarus-flag.gif Belarus-location.jpg
The National Arms of Belarus The National Flag Location

Belarus is divided into 6 voblasts (Provinces) and the city of Minsk. Minsk has a special status, being the capital of Belarus, and the capital of Minsk Province. Furthermore, the oblasts are divided into districts (raions), whcih are further divided into cities, towns and selsovets (rural municipalities).

Coat of arms of Voblasts

Special administrative district

Coat of arms of Raions

  • Brest (Брэсцкі раён)
  • Haradok (Гарадоцкі раён)
  • Kobryn (Кобрынскі раён)
  • Shumilina (Шумілінскі раён)
  • Syanno (Сеньненскі раён)
  • Talachyn (Талачынскі раён)

Coat of arms of cities and towns

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