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Province : Ontario
Additions : 1974 Chinguacousy, Toronto Gore

Arms (crest) of Brampton

Official blazon


The arms were created in 1974 as the official symbol of the newly-incorporated City of Brampton. They have not been officially granted.

The beaver symbolizes our Canadian heritage and the ethic of hard work. Farming and manufacturing, the area’s historical mainstays, are represented in the arms by the sheaf of grain and the ploughshare. The sheaf also represents the Township of Toronto Gore, one of Brampton’s founding communities. The Grand Trunk Railway’s role in establishing Brampton as an agricultural, manufacturing and political centre is depicted by the steam engine.

The majestic pine tree was selected to represent the Township of Chinguacousy, one of Brampton’s founding communities. Chinguacousy (Land of the Tall Pines) was a term used by indigenous settlers to describe the area.

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