Hambach an der Weinstrasse

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State : Rheinland-Pfalz
Urban district (Stadtkreis) : Neustadt an der Weinstrasse
Incorporated into : 1969 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

Wappen von Hambach an der Weinstrasse

Official blazon



The horseshoe is the old village sign of Hambach, which was used on border stones and the like. In 1770 the horseshoe first appears as arms of the village. In the same arms two men with pointed heads appeared as supporters. They each held a tree in the free hand. The meaning of these two figures is unknown. They officially were abandoned in 1845, but they appeared throughout the 19th century on seals or images. In 1938 the arms were again officially granted by the Prussian government, but without supporters. The horseshoe itself is a common village sign, without any special meaning.

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