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Denomination : Anglican

Arms of the Hong Kong Anglican Church

Official blazon


The mitre symbolizes that the Anglican Church adopts the Episcopal system. It also symbolizes her inheritance of the faith of the Apostles.

The Bible is placed in the middle of the shield. The Book is a record of God's self-disclosure in history, the history of the people of Israel, and the life of Jesus Christ. The doctrine, discipline and liturgy of the Anglican Church are based on the Bible and are in accordance with the teachings of the Book.

The key is a symbol of authority, which the Church receives from Christ.

The crozier is a symbol of the pastoral responsibility which the Church bears to the world. It reminds the Church of her humble identity as a shepherd and a servant to serve on earth.

The shell, placed beneath the Bible, symbolizes baptism. It underlines the evangelistic mission of the Church, which is to preach the Gospel, to draw people to Christ and to baptize them.

The red and white of the mitre symbolize the sacrifice and the holiness of Christ respectively. The navy blue background of the shield represents the working class of China - where the colour was worn by the common. For Christ Himself was a carpenter.

Literature : http://www.hkskh.org