Maribo Amt

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Region : Sjælland
Incorporated into: 1970 Storstrøm

Arms of Maribo Amt

Official blazon


The arms were granted in 1937.

The two golden pales refer to the two island of Lolland and Falster in the blue sea, as well as to the two bridges that join the islands. The chief is taken from the arms of Duke Christoffer of Lolland (died 1363), son of King Valdemar Atterdag, whose arms showed the dragon on a field with hearts.

The following herreds were part of Maribo Amt :

  1. Falsters Nørre
  2. Falsters Sønder
  3. Fuglse
  4. Lollands Nørre
  5. Lollands Sønder
  6. Musse

Literature: Achen, 1982