Mount Pearl

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Province : Newfoundland and Labrador

Arms (crest) of Mount Pearl

Official blazon

Arms : Gules on a bend Argent three arrowheads wavy Azure each charged with three plates.
Crest: A cross conjoined with an annulus Or.
Supporters: Two Newfoundland dogs Sable, each gorged of a collar Or and standing on a rocky mound set with fir trees proper.


The arms were officially granted on February 15, 2005.

The shield honours the military career and accomplishments of Captain Sir James Pearl, K.H., who served thirty years in the Royal Navy. The city took its name from the estate that he was given as a reward, and which he named Mount Pearl. Each triangle with its swallow-tail represents the wake of a ship-of-the-line being overtaken by the following ship. The silver discs on each allude to the name “Pearl”. Because a wake expands as the ship progresses, the discs increasing in size also represent continual growth.

The crest gives visual form to the motto OMNIA AD DEI GLORIAM, meaning “All things for the glory of God".

The supporters are the breed of dog called Newfoundland, wearing gold collars. They stand strong and proud, radiating friendship and cooperation, and appear on an outcrop of rock that alludes to the nickname of the island portion of the province. The green fir trees recall an early enterprise in the area.

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