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Region : Galicia
Province : Pontevedra

Escudo de Redondela

Official blazon

En campo de plata, la letra R de gules, junto con tres veneras de oro, perfiladas de sable, dos en jefe y una en punta. Al timbre, coroa real cerrada.


The arms date from around 1700, as the oldest reference is from a stone on the old city hall, built in 1700. The second known image dates from 1712. The three shells symbolise the fact that the city was partly ruled by the Archbishops of Santiago de Compostella. The symbol of St. James, the patron saint, is a shell. The letter R is the town's initial. The city was of importance to the archbishops as one of the main pilgrim routes from Portugal ran through the city.

Literature : picture send by Rafael Portell, background by Jose Martínez, Spain