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Region : Catalonia
Province : Girona

Escudo de Riumors

Official blazon

Escut caironat: d'argent, 2 cintes ondades abaixades d'atzur acompanyades en cap de 2 caps de mort de sable posats en faixa ressaltant cadascun sobre 2 tíbies de sable passades en sautor. Per timbre una corona mural de poble.


These arms have been officially granted on 20th January 1983.

Funny and surprising canting arms: the name Riumors reminds in Catalan "laughing dead men" ("riu", a form of the verb "riure", to laugh, and "morts", dead men, symbolised by the skulls). The two rivers at the base are the Muga and the Fluvià.

Literature : Image taken from Wikipedia; background from Enric Fontvila, Barcelona.