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Region : Catalonia
Province : Lleida

Escudo de Rosselló

Official blazon

Escut caironat: de gules, una rosa d'or acompanyada en cap d'una creu de Malta, i a la punta de 2 claus passades en sautor amb les dents a dalt i mirant cap enfora, la d'or en banda sobre la d'argent en barra ressaltant sobre una manilla de baules rodones d'or. Per timbre una corona mural de poble.


These arms have been officially granted on 21th April 1983.

These arms are canting: they show a rose. The crossed keys over the manacles are the attributes of St. Peter "ad Vincula", the local patron saint. The village was given by Ramon de Rosselló in 1176 to the Hospitaller knights, and because of that the arms show the Cross of Malta.

Literature : Image taken from; background from Enric Fontvila, Barcelona.